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We will ship orders anywhere in the world. However, international shipping costs have increased dramatically over the last several years, and continue to rise. We work with several labels and distros all over the world to carry our releases, so we encourage you to check with them first. If your favorite distro is not carrying our releases, we suggest that you contact them and ask them to!

International shipping is based on weight and location. Orders weighing UP TO 4 pounds (ranging from 1 cd and up to 2 LPs) are shipped First Class International Mail based roughly on the following (these are examples, NOT exact costs):

up to .5 lbs = $13.50
.5-2 lbs = $22.50
2-3 lbs = $34.00
3-4 lbs = $49.00

Orders OVER 4 POUNDS must be shipped USPS Priority Mail and start at $54.00 and scale according to weight. If you plan on ordering MORE THAN 2 LPS, you should CONTACT US first with your name, email address, and exact location (country and postal code) and we will give you an exact shipping cost. The shopping cart is based on generic weights per item and does not compute EXACT shipping costs over 2-3 items. You will save money on shipping if we invoice you directly with exact shipping costs.

You are responsible for knowing the laws of your own country! If you are not sure about shipping or have questions, always feel free to CONTACT US for help!



Check with these labels/distros for our releases!